full service

White Water Express Car Wash is a state-of-the-art car wash designed to provide area residents and businesses with the most convenient way to keep their vehicles clean without spending a lot of time or money.  When we say Full Service, we mean that we will wash the outside of your car like no other car wash around and then we will SPEED DETAIL the inside of your car, FAST! We have a full staff of expert speed detail attendants who will jump in your car and make it look beautiful! Going to Costco? Leave your car with us while you shop so we can clean the inside!

easy & professional!

When you enter our spacious site, you pull up to our automated pay station where you will be able to select a wash or a wash and an interior speed detail. There you can pay with a cash or credit card. Our tunnel attendant will guide you into our 100-foot long tunnel, all without having to get out of your car! Once through the tunnel, pull around to one of our detail bays and let our speed detail attendants jump into the inside of your car and clean it up for you while you wait.


How can we deliver such a great car wash experience so fast? Our car wash site is laid out in a spacious and organized manner to allow easy entering and exiting. Our state of the art tunnel washes your car in minutes and handles multiple cars at one time. If you would like the inside of your car cleaned, our speed detailers have the process down to a science, literally. There is a system for getting all of the work done so fast and they take pride in each car that they clean. Join our Unlimited Wash Club! This program allows members have a tag on their vehicle which eliminates the need to stop and pay at our automated pay station. With our membership, you pull up and the gate opens, its that easy! Click here to find out more. Or, sign up for our Fleet Program.


When you enter our tunnel, our attendants hand spray & wash the very dirty parts to loosen up all of the grime and dirt prior to starting your wash. Our high-tech foam brushes are designed to remove dirt while protecting your vehicle and preserving its paint & finish. We use the most advanced soaps, polishing and washing equipment to ensure your car is sparkling clean. Covered in Mag-Chloride? No problem, we offer our exclusive LAVA Bath System that includes a four step Mag-Chloride remover when you select The Works Wash. In the summer we switch over to our exclusive soap specially formulated to remove bugs. Our high-powered dryers at the end of the tunnel are not the normal power dryers you are used to, experience them for yourself to see the difference!


White Water Express Car Wash White water express is owned by a group of long time Vail Valley residents and friends who respect this beautiful environment and know that water is precious. We made the extra investment in state of the art hybrid technology enabling us to recycle up to 85% of the water we use from EACH wash. We are committed to using the most advanced eco-friendly cleaning & polishing solutions to clean your car without harming the environment.

Our primary focus is providing superior service to you. Overall, you will enjoy an excellent experience!


Convenient location next to Costco

Bilingual Automated Pay Station

Open 7 days a week

Winter Hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Summer Hours: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm